Ecruteak Forest - Bootleg Log

Welcome to the Ecruteak Forest bootleg log. The purpose of this site is a catalogue of all the bootleg cartridges and multicarts I have! Game lists, images, any interesting notes… things like that. I'm also looking to dump some, when I have all my equipment in order.

Games are divided primarily by system; Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, but I have a “Misc” category for other things if I end up with any. At the moment, I have a backlog of cartridges I’m chipping away at documenting, doing a bit each day on my breaks at work, I’ll be aiming for one new entry per week (aside from when I have other major projects or commissions on the go).

Note: "Game Year" is either; year of release, year of or copywrite, though some may be inaccurate.

Recently Added

Name Type # of games Cartridge Type Dumped Gamelist? Images
SUPER HITS-2000 Color 32 in 1 (M) Multicart 32 (6 w/o repeats) Game Boy No Complete Images
SP108D30 108 in 1 Multicart 108 Game Boy Advance No Complete Images
GAME USA Color Advanced 58 in 1 UC-58H02 Multicart 58 Game Boy Color No Complete Images