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Persona 3 Reload - Software & Shared Computer Reference

Quick reference of all of the software and suspicious website/URLs that can be used on the Shared Computer in the Gekkoukan Dorm in Persona 3 Reload.

Name ¥ Unlock Month Effect Type Note
Digital Cram School - - Academics Boost Software
Lessons in Etiquette 1,200 April Charm Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Virtual Diet 1,200 April Charm Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Language Made Easy 1,200 April Academics Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Animal Othello 1,200 April Courage Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
TypinGhoul 1,200 April Courage Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Muscle Boot Camp 2,000 April HP Boost (+7) Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Mindful Boot Camp 2,000 April SP Boost (+5) Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Umiushi Fan Book 450 April Umiushi Beef Bowls Unlocked Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Iwatodai Forum Note 500 April Iwatodai Station vending machine bonus drinks URL (Club Escapade)
School X Site Note 500 April Lukewarm Taiyaki Unlock URL (Club Escapade) ❗ Elizabeth Request
Revenge Site Note 500 June Courage Boost URL (Club Escapade)
Security Site Note 5,000 July Ambush Ability Unlock URL (Club Escapade)
Pickup Line Master 4,000 September Charm Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Sage Brain Training 4,000 September Academics Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Sengoku Chronicles 4,000 September Courage Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Veggie Farmer Sim 4,500 September Rooftop Plants # Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
History Website Note 8,000 September Ambush Theurgy Gauge Unlock URL (Club Escapade)
Assassin Website Note 8,000 September Ambush Distress Feature Unlock URL (Club Escapade)
Part-Time Master 8,000 October Part-time jobs Money Boost Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Image Muscle Trainer 4,000 October HP Boost (+9) Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Mental Instructor 4,000 October SP Boost (+7) Software (MangaStar Cafe)
Veggie Blog Note 500 October Golden Tomato Sprout at Rafflesia Unlock URL (Club Escapade)
Ninja Fansite Note 12,000 November Ambush Trigger Time Boost URL (Club Escapade)
Dating Site Note 3,000 November Relationship Boost to a Social Link (+2) URL (Club Escapade) ♾️ Multiple Use
Believer's Blog Note 500 January SP Boost (+5) URL (Club Escapade)