Ecruteak Forest - Bootleg Log Resource List

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Website Type Language Information
BootlegGames Wiki Wiki English Collaborative wiki documenting bootlegs and unlicensed games, consoles and hardware, plus frequent developers. It’s my first port of call when identifying bootlegs or hacks I don’t recognize.
RndStranger's Famidaily Series Micro Reviews English Famidaily is a micro-review series focused on one Famicom game per day, they’re concise, interesting, and show good quality footage of the games. I’m not as familiar with the NES & Famicom library of games as I am with the GB~GBA; but watching through the whole series helped fill a lot of gaps in my knowledge, and the one-game-per-video format allows me to compare legitimate versions of the games with ones on multicarts, for things such as whether copyright information has been removed/edited, or if sprites have been changed. Great series, really well done, highly recommend for someone interested in the Famicom and it’s release history.