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58 in 1 UC-58H02 | GAME USA Color Advanced

Purchased second hand in a joblot of games; couple of interesting things on here! Slightly glitchy (and non-saving) version of Pokémon Crystal (which I might take a video of later); "Digital Monster 2001" - a title screen hack of Primal Rage which replaces it with... a photograph of a Machamp figurine? floating in the void; "Super Mario 4", a hack of a Crayon Shin-Chan game with some... interesting flicking colours, particularly on the title screen.

Game Year is either; year of release, year of or copywrite, though some may be inaccurate.

Game Specific Notes

Pokémon Crystal: Outside colour palette keeps shifting between the "Morning" palette and "Day" palette every second. Pokémon animations display correctly, but move animations display corrupted sprites, as well as status effects like PSN and Pokémon exiting their Poké Ball displays corrupted animation graphics. Save function does not work.

Pokémon Diamond: Infamous unlicensed English translation of Keitai Denjū Telefang: Power Version. Save function does not work. Nothing noteworthy.

Digital Monster: Title screen hack; Intro screen is a photograph of a Machamp (Pokémon) figurine. Game loads into Primal Rage (1995), skipping all copyright screens and the original Primal Rage title screen. Appears unchanged otherwise.

Game List

# Name on Cartridge Alt. Game Name/Game ROM Developer/Publisher Year Game Version Notes
1 POKEMON CRYSTAL Pokémon Crystal Game Freak 2001 English
2 POKEMON DIAMOND Keitai Denjū Telefang: Power Version Unknown; Originally SmileSoft Unlicensed
3 DIGITAL MONSTER "Digital Monster 2001"; Primal Rage Unknown; Originally Probe Entertainment Unlicensed
4 STREET FIGHTER 2 Street Fighter II Capcom 1995 Japanese
5 G & W GALLERY Game & Watch Gallery Nintendo 1997 English
6 DRAGON BALL Z ドラゴンボールZ: 悟空飛翔伝 (Dragon Ball Z: Goku Hishōden) Bandai 1994 Japanese
7 SUPER MARIO 4 Crayon Shin-chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai Henshin Gamtec; Originally Tose Software Unlicensed Rom hack of Crayon Shin-chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai Henshin
8 SPIDER-MAN 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Bits Studios 1992 English
9 GODZILLA Compile 1990 English
10 TOM AND JERRY Beam Software 1992 English
11 DRACULA Bram Stoker's Dracula Probe Entertainment 1993 English
12 FELIX THE CAT Hudson Soft 1993 English
13 JUNGLE BOOK The Jungle Book Eurocom 1994 English
14 MONOPOLY Sculptured Software 1991 English
15 SIMPSONS 2 The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Juggernauts Imagineering 1992 English
16 NDIANA JONES Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade NMS Software 1994 English
17 SIDE POCKET Side Pocket VS Data East 1990 English
18 MS. PAC-MAN Namco 1993 English
19 Q BERT II Q*Bert for Game Boy Realtime Associates; Jaleco 1992 Japanese Despite the name, it is the regular Q*Bert 1 Game Boy game.
20 SOCCER BOY Soccer Mania Kitty Group 1990 Japanese
21 DR. MARIO Nintendo 1990 English
22 TETRIS Nintendo 1989 English
23 ASTEROIDS Accolade 1991 English
24 BOMB JACK Infogrames 1992 English
25 BOXXLE Thinking Rabbit 1989 English
26 BOXXLE 2 Boxxle II Thinking Rabbit 1991 English
27 BRAIN BENDER Gremlin 1991 English
28 CASTELIAN Nebulus Hewson Consultants 1991 English
29 CENTIPEDE The Code Monkeys 1992 English
30 CRYSTAL QUEST Novalogic 1991 English
31 DROPZONE Arena Graphics 1992 English
32 FLIPULL Taito 1990 English
33 HEIANKYO ALIEN Theoretical Science Group 1980 English
34 KWIRK Atlas 1989 English
35 LOOPZ Argonaut Games 1991 English
36 MISSILE COMMAND Atari 1991 English
37 NFL FOOTBALL Konami 1990 English
38 POP UP Cool Ball Bit Managers 1991 English EU Version of Cool Ball (#46), separate ROM
39 SERPENTDE Serpent Naxat Soft 1990 English
40 SHANG-HAI Shanghai HAL Laboratory 1989 English
41 SPOT Arcadia System 1990 English
42 TESSEREA Eurocom 1993 English
43 THEGAMEOFHARMO The Game of Harmony The Assembly Line 1991 English
44 WORLD BOWLING Athena 1990 English
45 DEADALIAN OPUS Daedalian Opus Vic Tokai 1990 English
46 COOL BALL Pop-Up Bit Managers 1994 English US Version of Pop-Up (#38), separate ROM
47 BUBBLE GHOST ERE Informatique 1991 English
48 TENNIS Nintendo 1989 English
49 VOLLEY FIRE Toei Animation 1990 Japanese
50 ALLEY WAY Nintendo 1989 English
51 KLAX Digital Eclipse 1999 English
52 OTHELLO HAL Laboratory 1990 English
53 DEADHEAT SCRAMB Dead Heat Scramble Copya System 1990 English
54 PIPE DREAM The Assembly Line 1990 English
55 PENGUIN LAND Atelier Double 1990 Japanese
56 PITMAN Catrap ASK Kodansha 1990 Japanese
57 HYPER LODE RUNN Hyper Lode Runner Tose Software 1989 English
58 CHIKI 2 TENGOKU Chiki Chiki Tengoku Game News Network 1995 Japanese

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"Digital Monster" - Title Screen

"Pokémon Diamond" - Title Screen

"Super Mario 4" - Loading Screen