Hey, my name is Takoto.

I've been in the online Pokémon fandom for around 17 years now! My first Pokémon games were Pokémon Red & Blue when I was four years old, and they cemented Pokémon as my main special interest from that point on. Over the years I've been a member of many Pokémon communities, administrator on a few forums and websites, and contributed to a number of Pokémon related projects. At the moment I'm a member of the Pokéthon charity event art and design team.

Whilst it's unlikely you've seen me across the internet before as I prefer to keep a chill profile, you may have come across some of my Pokémon fan-art!

Generation Favourite Additional Favourite
1 Chansey
2 Umbreon
3 Gardevoir
4 Driftloon
5 Pidove
6 Espurr
7 Xurkitree
8 Snom
9 Wo-Chien